The Truth About Air Bags

Car manufacturers keep putting airbags in their new models for a reason: they can lead to greater safety for passengers during a crash. However, if you don’t know the facts about air bags, and how to properly use them – they can be quite dangerous.

Children and Airbags

Air bags save lives, but they also kill a number of children each year. How could this possibly happen? Did you know that you should never allow a child to sit in the front seat where an airbag is fitted? This can prove to be fatal, as the impact of an airbag is designed to be safe for adults. Failing to wear a seatbelt properly, or to wear one at all, can also lead to kids being harmed by air bags.

You Must Wear a Seatbelt

Your car might be fitted with air bags, but you still need to wear your seatbelt. In fact, airbags can prove to be harmful, instead of helpful, to passengers who fail to wear a seatbelt during a crash.

Don’t Sit Too Close

People are often hurt by air bags because they were too close to the dashboard when the bags were triggered. It is recommended that you avoid placing yourself too far forward. Seats should be positioned as far back and is practical and safe, while still being able to reach the pedals and steering wheel. You should also use good posture while driving, as it is good for you, and it can prevent airbag-related injuries.

Car Parking Cameras and Sensors

If you are tired of trying to see past the blind spots around your car, maybe you should consider trying a rear view camera, or even a backup sensor. These can be especially useful for people who have trouble twisting their neck around to see behind them. If you are guilty of reversing without actually checking your blind spot – you might want to learn more about this new technology.

Can Your Car Use One?

Larger types of vehicles usually come with camera and sensors, to make driving safer and easier. This includes things like trucks, RVs, and SUVs. While you might not be able to buy a brand-new car with one of these gadgets fitted, there are plenty of aftermarket options for people to choose from.

Reversing Sensor


This is a type of gadget that uses lasers, ultrasound, or radar in order to detect objects that are around the proximity of your car. If you move too close to any object, a warning will be sounded, or an LED display will be activated to let you know.


Reversing Camera


These devices are pretty much as they seem; a camera is attached to the rear of your vehicle, and linked with a monitor in front of the driver. This can effectively work like a rear-view mirror, but you will be able to see directly behind the body of your vehicle, and not just through the back windscreen. This might seem very fancy, but these types of devices are becoming increasingly common.

Finding the Perfect Personal Trainer – What to Look for

Choosing the right fitness coach is highly important. Not because you are investing in them, but because they are responsible for your personal health. You need to ensure that you select the right individual since the relationship between the trainer and the trainee can influence the effectiveness of your workout to a great extent. If you do not know how to find the right one, here are some traits you need to look out for.

Knowledge and know-how

It is absolutely essential for personal trainers San Jose to be knowledgeable about the field. He/she must know the equipment and tactics like the back of his/her hand. It is important for you to ensure this since using the wrong strategies can result in dangerous injuries. Look through the candidates and find someone who is both experienced and educated about the field.

Passion for fitness

Health, gym and fitness must not only be their profession, but also their passion. Knowing a number of tricks and techniques will not make them a professional. Only a person with a passion for fitness will be able to offer you the emotional coaching you need. This will be really important during crucial workout sessions since they are physically exhausting.

Communication skills

The trainer must be able to offer constant verbal motivation to keep you going. However, communication is not only about talking. It also includes critical thinking and patient listening. Your trainer must be able to understand your personal requirements and demands by communicating with you. It also important for him/her to be honest with you at all times.


A fitness coach must never be judgmental. As professionals, they will know how hard the training can be. Therefore, they must empathize and be kind to the individual. Being too critical can demotivate person or can even affect his/her self-esteem.

If you find an individual with these qualifications, you can bet your money – and your health – on him/her without a doubt.

How to Make A Man Feel That You Respect Him?

Respect is a very important aspect of male psychology in a relationship. If you want to keep the man you love forever must understand that it is the male ego that needs to be pampered from time to time and how you should act in a relationship. We have tried to mention a few tips about relationship in this What Men Secretly Want Review that you can use to let your relation run smoothly.

· Get along with him to make decisions. Communicate with him while taking decisions for your family and future. It’s best to talk and ask him if you’re not sure about something. Men feel happy when they do things that make their partners happy.

· Make him feel stronger and bigger. Men like playing savior and knight in an armour. Although you may be strong and independent without his help, allowing him to protect you and take care of you will make him happy. This is what men are programmed to do since ages.

· Allow him take the initiative. Relationships will start working so smoothly if you will let him take initiative and the seasons. Men behave obstinate many times even when you know you’re right. Try to explain him in a way that he would feel protective for you.

· Respect his space. Do not boast in front of your friends that you own your guy and control him. The last thing you want the person you love is to be emasculated in front of your family and friends. Respect his space and his time as well.

· Dump the past. Do not talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex-relationships in front of him and never compare his actions with your ex. One should also avoid mentioning about past problems especially related to his wrong actions.

13 Rules of Thumb for Intermediate Swimmers

  1. Do not feel bad for spending a lot of time learning the basics behind swimming. It will pay off in the long run.
  2. Keep your body relaxed during swimming exercises. Learn to relax by floating and sinking drills. Pretend you are in bed. The only way you can be relaxed is if you use proper swimwears. There are swimwears available online for all genders and age i.e. Mens swimwears, women swimwears etc etc
  3. Learn to swim in more than one speed. Like in running, swimming has walking, jogging, long distance, and sprinting speeds.
  4. How many strokes do you take per one lap? Next time you are in the pool, count your strokes and strive to decrease the count.
  5. Don’t let your thumb enter the water first on freestyle. Your fingertips enter first with your palm facing back and not to the side. This way, you don’t lose the initial catch and you will keep your shoulders healthy.
  6. Don’t fight the water and don’t try to get over the water. Let your body sink into the water, keep your shoulder blades back and think about what makes you go forward.
  7. Rub the tip of your toes over each other when you flutter kick, it might help you with doing the scissor kick for stabilization.
  8. Don’t look for the wall when swimming freestyle. Use the black T line instead. When you see it underneath, just stretch and glide.
  9. Always be pressing chest and head into the water to keep your hips up and your body in horizontal position.
  10. Make sure to press your hips up to the surface during backstroke; don’t let your butt do the sinking. Engage your mid section, your core.
  11. When learning to blow bubbles, do an exercise where you hold your breath and open your mouth under water to let the water slush around.
  12. To be faster, you need to train at high speeds. Put some fast, but short sprints into your workouts with a lot of rest.
  13. Try swimming with straight arms for a change.