How to Use an Ear Bandage

Ear bandages are indeed an item of dire need in case of injuries in ears and infections as well. Some ear bandages are popular amongst the customers and are easily available on Amazon.

Using a bandage in right way needs to be learnt in case of an ear injury.
Here are some important tips for bandaging an injured ear:
1. First of all, make sure to place the bandage in correct position on the injury by placing it on the center of base on top of the wound or injury so the bandage comes in contact with the affected area.

2. Now, extend the ends of the bandage so they meet on the top of the head. Make sure that one end of bandage passes through the end portion of the person’s chin and the other side passes from the top of head.

3. Twist the bandage and tie a knot which cannot be opened easily so the person can easily tilt their head and move their face.

4. It’s time to strengthen the knot. Bring both ends of the bandage to the side of ear that is injured. It’s time to fasten another knot. One end of bandage should pass from the forehead and other from the back of head.
5. Tie a square knot so that the bandage does not come off easily.

6. Tuck in the free ends of bandage inside the knot to secure the bandage.

You now know the standard procedure to use the ear bandages which are very reliable to use for open wounds.