Throw a Great Kids Party At Home

Every parent wants to throw a fun party for their kids, but sometimes budgetary restrictions may pose a challenge. In such instances, you can instead look at hosting a party at home, as opposed to hiring a third party space. If you have an outdoor area, so much the better, since you can split the party into indoors and outdoors both. You can actually put together quite a unique and entertaining affair, with just a few handy tips like the below.

Balloon Modelling

If you are throwing a party at home, you want to make sure all the kids are entertained and kept busy. Else, you are sure to be dealing with some calamity or the other. Hiring a balloon modeller is a great way to keep the party going. Everybody loves balloon models, and since you get a professional to come to your home, you need not stress very much about it. The kids will especially be entranced and quite excited about the whole thing, so this is something to definitely consider.

Have a Theme

Whether you plan on a bouncy castle hire Cambridge, face-painting or both, setting a theme will go a long way. It will help dictate the food, décor and music, as well as the ambience of the party. There are so many themes to choose from, you may feel a little overwhelmed, but go with your child will like best. You can even ask them if you want, since it would be lovely to have them involved in their own party.


Why not try something different by camping? Not a full-blown camping trip mind you, just some tents set up outdoors and a bonfire may be to roast marshmallows on while you share stories and play games. Be mindful with small children around the bonfire though; you might even want to leave this for an older children’s party instead. However, camping parties are certainly a lot of fun, and definitely memorable.


Depending on your theme, you can ask your guests to come dressed up as whatever they want. Consider it Halloween maybe! They can come as their favourite character, and perhaps even act out a skit or sing a song to add to the vibe. Children love to perform, and even if one or two may be a little shy, these events are a gentle way of getting them to emerge out of their shells. Just be sure to give their parents plenty of notice so they have time to put the costumes together.